Welcome to the world of Dr. Nim. Dr. Nim is a simplified version of an ancient game called "Nim". Dr. Nim is so-named in honor of the 1960s game of the same name, a mechanical game which always played a winning strategy. No programs[1], just marbles and odd-shaped levers. It was quite amazing.

Dr. Nim (and for that matter, Nim itself) is a game of removals. The rules are simple:

  1. There is a pile of P stones (in this version you may select the starting pile size)
  2. Each person, in turn, must remove at least one and no more than M stones (in this version you may also choose the maximum removal)
  3. The goal is to force your opponent to take the final stone.

Simple, eh? Shall we play a game.....?

Original Pile Size:
Maximum Move:

The Traditional Game is 15 stones taking as many as three per turn.

First move? Human Player     Dr Nim
You first? How many?
Shall Dr Nim show Mercy?
Aaaand, press the button --->

Did you really think you'd get away without a footnote?

[1] Of course, ESR, Inc's Dr. Nim "toy" was a digital computer with a program built into the shape of the levers, the number of the levers, and even the tracks in which the marbles roll down. Nothing says a computer has to be electronic (ask Babbage&Lovelace) or even be programmable!